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Asphalt Paving

Every Project is unique, so you will get a Rocksaw Paving Ltd representative to do an on site visit to accept your requests, give you advice on what will and will not work, as well as some options to choose from. Because every job is unique, we dedicate special attention to the details of your specific project.

Pavement as we see it on the road surfaces, is made up of variable aggregate sizes combined together with a binding agent called Asphalt. Asphalt oil is a specifically engineered product that has been developed, to what it is today, over decades of field trial as well as lab testing and specific demands set out by the industry to attain the most durable and cost effective surfacing product that we have available to us to choose from.

When properly installed, and maintained, pavement should last as long as concrete. Pavement deteriotates from the top down and eventually just wears out. Because it is a highly pourous product, many recent installations are failing from underneath as moisture makes its way through the blacktop layer and into the base and sub base and softens the structure that holds the pavement up. This is why Seal Coating is so important.

Pros of Asphalt Pavement:

- Least expensive of all surfacing products

- Easily repaired if damaged

- Easily recylcled and reused

- Layout design limited only by your imagination

- Is a semi-malleable product for several years after installation

- Makes a beautiful contrast to a home or building, Drawing a potential customers attention to your business, and curb appeal from passers-by.

Cons of Asphalt Paving:

- Is vulnerable to disintegration from contact with petroleum products(unless Seal Coated)

- Will "re-soften" on hot summer days, potential damage occuring.

- Its strength is dependant on the base structure which it is placed on.

- Is pourous allowing moisture to penetrate. (unless Seal Coated)

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