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From pot-hole patching to parking lots, from new construction acreage driveways to surface overlays we provide a full range of asphalt paving services to fullfill your needs.

Sidewalks, foundations, floor slabs, and patios.

Why not add a decorative border around your new paved driveway?.......adding curb appeal to your home and strucural integrity to the driveway edges.

Seal Coating is as neccessary to pavement as painting your fence is, as to maintain the structural integrity and prevent premature deterioration.

Seal Coat is a protective coating for your pavement that will ensure you wont have to prematurely repave, it is only 1/10th the cost, adds traction to the surface, and maintains a brilliant BLACK finish.

Customer Responses

"My Neighbours driveway still looks like new after four years"

(Customer hired Rocksaw after finding out we paved the neighbours)- Jamie

"You were referred to us by....."

- Majority of our customers

"We hired you because of your quick response and friendly service" - Barb 

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